Reducers are pure functions that takes the previous state and an action, and returns the next state.
(previousState, action) => newState;

Exported store state

Redux REST Resource will manage the state for you and store related data inside it. You have state-related booleans (like isFetching) that enables smooth UI feedback.
import {initialState} from 'redux-rest-resource';
initialState ==
// FETCH props
items: [],
isFetching: false,
lastUpdated: 0,
didInvalidate: true,
// GET props
item: null,
isFetchingItem: false,
lastUpdatedItem: 0,
didInvalidateItem: true,
// CREATE props
isCreating: false,
// UPDATE props
isUpdating: false,
isUpdatingMany: false,
// DELETE props
isDeleting: false,
isDeletingMany: false
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